Cricket Power

Crickets are one of the most nutritiously complete protein sources in the world.

As opposed to other alternative protein sources; crickets contain all nine essential amino acids that aid muscle growth and repair. They provide double the amount of protein per gram as beef and are brimming with vitamins and minerals. This is why they fit perfectly as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Whether training for a marathon or simply getting back in shape, crickets will keep you and our ecology fit and healthy.



gram of protein

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Crickets Crickets


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The health benefits of crickets cannot be understated, as we are only beginning to understand the potential upsides of incorporating crickets into our diet.

The high level of chitin in crickets has potential anti-inflammatory properties that can lead to an increase in the levels of metabolic enzymes beneficial for gut health.

Alongside its multitude of health benefits, at EntoGourmet, we wanted to find a solution to meet our ever-growing need for a food source fit for the 21st century.

Crickets require a tiny fraction of the land, and water that beef, pork, chicken, and soy requires while producing little to no greenhouse gasses.

This is what we mean when we call crickets a sustainable and ecological protein source, necessary for posterity’s sake.

We go above and beyond merely making a sustainable and ecological product, we adhere to our standards for sustainability in the broader sense of the word. We use high-quality ecologic feed for our crickets, and this carries through in the taste of our product.

We invest in and contribute to the local economy of Lorca in southeastern Spain by creating both skilled and unskilled employment opportunities.




Per 100g


Per 100g


Per 100g


Per 100g

Protein 27 mg 26 mg 27 mg 66 mg
Iron 1.3 mg 2.6 mg 0.9 mg 22 mg
B12 2 ug 6 ug 0.8 ug 24 ug
Calcium 15 mg 18 mg 19 mg 95 mg

Eating insects


Why is it essential to buy crickets raised in southeastern Spain?

We, at Entogourmet, are helping to lead the insect for human consumption movement across Europe. In combination with the latest production methods, we are also a socially responsible firm helping to create a new industry in the EU through fundamentally changing how we think about food, and what we choose to eat. Any new industry comes with its opportunities and challenges. That is why Entogourmet wishes to set the industry-wide standard for transparency in its production process, and clear traceability for health-conscious consumers.

We adhere to all European Union farm animal production guidelines and regulations. As part of the International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (IPIFF), we are in line with the industry best practices. We partner with research organisations, government agencies, and leaders in the field of ‘insects for human consumption’.

Local production is a critical factor in sustainability and food security. We aim to shape the European Union as the world leader for the production of crickets in terms of quality assurance, and health standards as set by regulation.

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Farm grown in southeastern Spain

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