Farm products

As one of the largest and most reliable producers of crickets in Europe, our product is consistent in quality, and we are capable of handling large order sizes with ease.

We can provide live crickets with 3 different sizes 1cm,1.5cm and 2cm also whole fresh frozen, dehydrated whole and powder according to your needs, guaranteeing a fresh product.

We guarantee microbiological safety and freshness.

Our location gets us the advantage to supply our customers with customized solutions to their needs and requirements, while ensuring a high-quality product, deliver fast in a shorter distance within days on-time and within budget.

Animal Feed & Petfood Industry Solutions

Just as humans are changing their habits in the pursuit of a more sustainable lifestyle , at Entogourmet we offer you solutions to improve animal feed by incorporating nutritious and sustainable products in their formulas.

Is a lot of benefits by using crickets in animal nutrition as you might know many companies in the pet’s food industry and aquaculture already use crickets as part of their formulas because the protein,vitamins,minerals,aminoacids content, great results and ecological impact. Crickets are not consider as a pathogenic specie and do not represent a risk to human, vegetables and animal health.

Advantages of cricket over other species of insects used in animal feed:

  • Our crickets do not grow on substrates from industrial waste. That does the nutritional value, vitamins, etc. it will always be the same.
  • It allows us to have greater control over the biosecurity of the product (microbiologically, mycotoxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, etc.).
  • Good protein content, up to 60% in our cricket powder.

A lot of companies and investigating and using cricket powder in the production of animal feed from dog´s food to aquaculture because the excellence of the nutrients and results, just as an example we have studies in fish that show that the growth rate increased by 37% and weight by 23% in fish species that received 50% regular fish feed and 50% cricket powder also the fillets demonstrated good quality with protein levels above 62%.

Some benefits of using of crickets in birds, crickets increase the growth rate, muscle growth, and has a positive impact on their feathers also there is studies in pet’s food for dogs and cats that shows they are attracted in the same way as petfood that doesn’t has insects in their formulas. Crickets products is an ideal component for animals feed due to the energetic, protein, vitamin, amino acids content. I’ve attached the data sheet of our products with all the information