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Novel methods. New technology.

We prioritise research which has helped us to develop novel methods of pasteurisation, dehydration and milling. Our well-equipped in-house laboratory focuses on maximising the effectiveness of the equipment we use, and on leveraging it and ensure we set the industry standard for product quality and consistency. Our industrial scale production process means we can develop customised solutions unique to the needs and requirements of our clients while ensuring a high-quality product, delivered on-time and within budget.


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Production development

Our circular food production model

State-of-the-art roasting technology employed at our factory reduces the time needed to dehydrate our crickets while preserving the nutrient content. Our unique pasteurisation process also ensures a pure product that is safe to eat and has consistently good flavour.

We continue to move forward towards the goal of ‘closing the circle’ in the circular food production model. From incubation to growth and harvest, our insects are cared for and monitored around the clock.

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Our dedicated team

Our team builds on years of expertise in the raising and growing of crickets; we came together with a unified goal to give people a protein that is going to meet the demands of consumers in the 21st century.

We value ecology, and we value health, that is why we use our expertise to raise insects for human consumption, based in southeastern Spain.

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Why gourmet?

When we invest in new methods and technologies for producing and processing crickets, we help to ensure we focus on consistently excellent taste, because crickets are not just ecological and healthy. Crickets are a delicacy, versatile and able to be incorporated in unique and exciting new dishes fit for modern cuisine from any country or culture.

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Farm grown in southeastern Spain

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Order crickets with ease in our webshop or by filling out our order form. As one of the largest and most reliable producers of crickets in Europe, our product is consistent in quality, and we are capable of handling large order sizes with ease.